Boston Comedy Hypnosis Show

Boston Comedy Hypnosis Show

Boston Comedy Hypnosis Show

Magic Dave Comedy Hypnosis Show
David Hall Comedy Hypnosis Show Boston Comedy Hypnosis Show



A Stage Hypnosis show is based totally on audience participation. The larger the audience the more successful the show can be. David wants you to have a great experience and that being said, he requires an audience of 100 people or more seated and ready to watch at the start of the show.

There must be NO surprise shows, i.e. the guests are there to experience a hypnosis show and know about it before hand.

A hypnosis show works best as a stand-alone entertainment rather then combined in with a variety show. PLEASE DO NOT coax, insist, embarrass, pressure, or otherwise manipulate anyone in attendance to volunteer to be hypnotized. Our stage hypnotism experience and a fundamental principle of hypnosis prove time and again that no one is hypnotizable against their will. Hypnosis in NOT something magical David does to a person without their consent. Rather, hypnosis is entirely the result of what a person allows him or herself to experience with David's expert guidance. Only sincerely willing and interested people become hypnotized; all others simply won't let it happen for them. Therefore, anyone forced will be either turned straightaway from the stage or sent back to his or her seats by David.


stage plot

Hypnosis Show on Stage:
A stage with a minimum size of 20' x 30', and a minimum 10' foot floor to ceiling clearance is required (Keep in mind this is a minimum, as a larger stage is preferred.).

Hypnosis Show on Risers:
If a riser is used it must be sturdy and with no cracks in between sections. Back of risers must be flush against a wall or a back railing must be provided for the safety of the volunteers. There should be no space between the back of the stage and the wall unless a sturdy back railing is provided. Pipe and Drape is not considered a back wall.

Hypnosis Show on Flat Floor:
If the above stage requirements can not be provided, the show can be performed on a ground floor without a stage or risers. However it must be in an open area that is visible by all audience members, for example: a gymnasium floor or ballroom dance floor.

20 chairs, Stacking Type Banquet Armless Chairs (not folding chairs as audience members can get pinched when they are side by side). Chairs must be arranged in an arc towards the center of the stage. Please see the above diagram for stage plot.

(David does have the ability to bring sound upon request. Please contact him for details)

  1. Two high quality speakers
  2. Minimum of 1 monitor speaker facing the stage; but 2 is preferred.
  3. Mixer board to plug in a Microphone and IPod
David will be bringing a wireless handheld microphone and iPod to be plugged into your system. The plugin requirements for each unit are:
  • Microphone: this has a XLR to XLR output and this cable must be able to plug into your mixer board.
  • IPod: David's IPod will be controlled by a wireless remote with a range of 100 feet. The closer the mixer board or the plugin for the iPod, the better. David will plug it in with a RCA red and white 1/8 inch audio cable or a XLR channel using a passive Direct Box, which he will bring.

Sound is very important to the success of the show so it is very important to have a sound professional that is familiar with your system arrive at least 60 minutes prior to the show for a sound check.

If for any reason you feel as if you cannot meet these requirements please contact David at 857-445-1434



Hypnotist David Hall is very excited to be here today. He comes to us from Boston, Massachusetts but has traveled all over the country performing his show. So sit back, relax, and get ready to have some fun. Welcome Hypnotist David Hall!



Get Hypnotized!
Hypnotist David Hall will be performing a great interactive hypnosis show for (NAME OF YOUR AUDIENCE). The show will take place (DATE, TIME AND LOCATION OF YOUR EVENT, TICKET PRICE). Come see David hypnotize (NAME OF YOUR AUDIENCE) into being the stars of the show! He will change the environments and characters based on the audience votes, the participants will be in a dance competition for one million dollars, or thinking they're five year olds and it's their birthday, plus so much more!